Global REACH-like Regulations Compliance

Global chemical regulations are emerging.

REACH-like regulations are in effect in more and more countries and put heavy burdens on the chemical industry.

Since 2013, we provide full compliance services for REACH-like regulations cost-efficiently to hundreds of clients.


Since 2013 we are based in the UK and provide chemical regulatory compliance for EU REACH, China REACH, Korea K-REACH and Turkey KKDIK, we're dedicated to offering the UK REACH compliance services in all aspects.


EU REACH is the fundamental model for many other REACH-like regulations. Since 2013, we have completed hundreds of registrations for clients around the world as Only Representative or technical support, covering registrations of lead registrant, member, intermediate and opt-out.


Revised China REACH (MEE Order 12 is due to repeal and replace MEP Order 7) is in effect from 1 January 2021 which reduces the requirement in general but enhances the inspection. We work together with our long-term local partner to provide a full range of services on China REACH.


31 December 2021, the first deadline for formal registration under Korea K-REACH, is approaching. Late pre-registration is still open. We work together with our long-term Korean partner for hundreds of pre-registrations, PEC registrations and exemptions under the K-REACH regulation.

Turkey KKDIK

Late pre-registration is open from 1 January 2021. Through the whole year of 2020, we work together with our long-term Turkish partner for hundreds of pre-registrations, C&L notifications and Turkish SDSs under KKDIK regulation. We will work hard for SIEF and formal registration afterwards.


We provide a full range of services for global REACH-like regulations including:

Registration Services: Only Representative (OR), (late) pre-registration, formal registration, SIEF management, etc.

Technical Support: data-gap analysis, QSAR & read-across, IUCLID 6 dossier and CSR generation, REACH-IT operation, etc.

Consulting and Strategy: significant cost-cutting solutions, opt-out to avoid high data fees, act as Lead Registran, fee reduction for SMEs, etc.

Registration Cost & Proposal

REACHKeeper: Tonnage Coverage Management & Risk Monitoring System

Let your imports comply with EU REACH and receive full compliance rating for each business order to be ready for Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections.
Always ready for Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections.

Tonnage Coverage Management (TCM)

Registration only is insufficient for official regulatory inspections. Detailed REACH registration numbers and Tonnage Coverage Certificates for each order/product are required to be kept at least 10 years. We make it easy to efficiently and correctly keep records both for you and your supplier.

Compliance Rating and Improvement Advice

EU REACH compliance is a systematic task which includes the correct registration (e.g. special rules for mixtures, polymers and hydrates), genuine Tonnage Coverage Certificate, and applicable Intermediate registration etc. Automatic compliance ratings and improvement advices are given by the system.

REACH registration Numbers and Substances Monitoring

Monitoring is suggested as further requirements are likely for hazardous substances and sometimes EU REACH registration numbers become INACTIVE. Through synchronization with the ECHA website, alerts will be sent to you automatically when substances are further regulated or REACH registration numbers become INACTIVE.

REACH Compliance Statistics

ECHA's Enforcement Plan for 2019-2023 focuses on imports and cooperates with customs. Ensuring strict compliance with EU REACH prior to imports is beneficial as making up for deficiencies is costly when inspections happen. The built-in statistical feature enables you to holistically monitor the status of REACH compliance, and quickly locate potential risks.

About us

REACHLINKED is an innovative compliance service provider established in 2013. Based on the experience of chemical compliance services for hundreds of companies, we are committed to integrating the regulatory compliance knowledge with technology to serve clients more efficiently. The main goal is to help chemical companies fully comply with the regulations cost-efficiently and deal with inspections easier.

We are proud of our full capacity and extensive experience in handling all types of different situations during EU REACH registration since 2013, including but not limited to acting as lead registrant, facilitating SIEF, registering by opt-out, acquiring and analyzing data, operating substance identification test, compiling registration dossier, and preparing intermediate registrations.

Based on the comprehensive and practical experience, we extended our services to compliance regulations to UK REACH, China REACH, Korea K-REACH and Turkey KKDIK for hundreds of clients. Together with selected top local partners, we are dedicated to providing one-stop services to our clients. We are working hard to expand our services to Eurasian REACH and other regulations in the future.

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